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15 October 2014

Wedmore Parish Council's meeting was recorded for the first time on 15 October 2014. Here is the complete meeting:


19 November 2014

Here is the complete meeting:


17 December 2014

Here is the complete meeting:

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In 2002 Wedmore Parish Council initiated the Isle Of Wedmore Community Appraisal and Parish Action Plan. To date it is by far the most comprehensive research into how the Parishioners of Wedmore want our village to develop - and indeed one of the most comprehensive appraisals conducted anywhere in the country. Other parishes still refer to it as a shining example of how it should be done.

In 2004 this Plan was formally adopted by the Parish Council. Why is it so important? Simply because, with 795 respondents in the Parish, it is statistically still the most robust analysis of what we all want that exists anywhere.

An exhibition of the Community Appraisal was held in Wedmore Village Hall and you can read the complete findings by clicking on the following link:

So what were the top Needs, Concerns and Wants in Wedmore?

Follow this link to find out, but in summary:


  1. A significant majority of residents wanted more housing built in the Parish. Of these, over 95% wanted specialist accommodation for older people, and over 90% wanted affordable housing for local people.

  2. Parishioners did not want this expansion of housing provision achieved by the erection of large housing estates cutting swathes through the surrounding farmland.

Traffic Problems

The biggest problems were HGVs, speeding vehicles and dangerous parking. 35% of all parishioners live on one of the two B roads that intersect in Wedmore, and for these 1,000 people the traffic problem in the centre of the village had become a nightmare.

A variety of solutions were suggested by parishioners, with HGV bans and double yellow lines on blind bends and hill-brows topping the scores.

What is your view?

How well has the Parish Council performed in 10 years at addressing these needs, and others identified in the Community Appraisal?